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We recycle plastic
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We cook with excellent quality products
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Delicious and healthy daily meals with free door-to-door delivery
Consulting of nutritionist
Can't decide? Our nutritionist will help you calculate the diet and choose the right diet

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super fit

Nutrition program - low-calorie reduction.
A varied nutrition program for weight loss. You will receive 5 meals a day, delivered to your door, as well as a free consultation with a qualified nutritionist.
from 125 000 soum

For day



Low calorie standard
This is 5 meals, a varied and balanced menu, budget-friendly, the ability to lose 3 kg in 10 days. A competent approach is the key to the right result
from 95 000 soum

For day



Be in shape
A diet with five meals a day. A program for those who pursue the goal of high-quality muscle gain. Adequate protein content in the diet contributes to high-quality muscle building during active training. The use of whey protein, as well as outstanding dishes underline the professional approach to the preparation of the "Sport" diet
from 130 000 soum

For day


Just 800. Super price

Just 800
Are you looking for the right meal plan? Not comfortable at 5 appointments? Then come to us! Achieve better results with "Just 800" - 4 meals
from 80 000 soum

For day



Male diet
The men's diet is designed based on natural ingredients that stimulate increased testosterone naturally! The diet includes: ginger, celery, Brazil nuts, goji berries, and much more.
from 140 000 soum

For day


Keto - diet

Keto diet
Diet high in saturated fat, limited carbohydrates, and moderate protein
from 120 000 soum

For day


Sales for our clients

Microwave to the diet for 5.000 soums

We offer you a microwave for your ration

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10% discount on trial menu for new customers

Still thinking? Start your free trial now!

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All Detox programs with a 30% discount

4 programs are available for order!

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Free delivery

Daily to a place convenient for you

On a regular basis, our courier brings your chosen ration in a stylish "refrigerator" thermal bag, which you can carry with you without worrying about the fact that your food will spoil. All you need to find is a microwave!

Daily delivery:

in the mornings from 8:00 till 10:00

in the evenings from 19:00 till 23:00


What people say about us

Irin Davydchuk

Result minus 21 kg Duration of nutrition: 3.5 months Diet: individual 1200 kcal

Tamara Stepanyan

Result minus 19 kg. Diet: individual – low-calorie


Result minus 28.4 kg, without physical activity. Duration of nutrition: 3 months. Diet: individual 1200 kcal.


Результат минус 10 кг. Сроки питания: 1,5 месяца. Рацион: индивидуальный 1200 ккал.


Result minus 10 kg. Power period: 2 months Diet: individual 1500 kcal

Kamron Rustamov

Result minus 17 kg Duration of meals: 2 months Diet: individual 1200 kcal


Result minus 14 kg. Duration of meals: 2 months. Diet: standard 800 -1000 kcal.


Frequently asked questions

How can I order food?

Leave a request on the site by going to the "Order" page. And our specialists will contact you via the Telegram messenger to place an order. Or you can call us and we will tell you everything ourselves

How can I pay for my order?

Payment is possible through Click, PayMe or upon receipt

How in advance do I need to order?

Orders are formed until 14.00 daily, you can arrange delivery at any time convenient for you

How to cancel or reschedule a delivery?

There are contact numbers on our website where you can call and explain the situation, preferably before 14.00.

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