Sog'liqni asrash va qomatni tiklash uchun Toshkentdagi eng zo'r ovqat yetkazib berish xizmati

Toshkent, O'zbekiston
O'zingizga maqsad qo'ying va individual ratsion tanlab oling
Qo'ng'iroq buyurtma qilish
from 800 to 900 kcal

The "low calorie standard" consists of five meals, the number of calories recorded: 900 to 1100 kcal. variety in the menu with branded presentation. The "Standard" program is notable for the lack of the ability to make changes to the diet, as well as the lack of the "Thermo-bag" service and the "Drinks on an ongoing basis" service.

Комфортное похудение

Залог успеха в потреблении меньше количества ккал, чем расходует Ваш организм. Минимум жиров и углеводов, максимум белков и клетчатки!


Наш рацион не повторяется. Мы всегда стараемся придумать что-то новое, чтобы приятно Вас порадовать

Простой подход

Как говорится, все гениальное просто. Вот и мы решили, что будет делать просто и вкусно

60 000


65 000

Buyurtma qilish
Siz tejaysiz от 140000 сум
Haftalik ratsion buyurtma qilgan holda

Professional diyetolog yordamida kaloriyalar va OYU'ni (oqsillar, yog'lar, uglevodlar) individual hisoblash

Siz tejaysiz от 182.000 сум
Oylik ratsion buyurtma qilgan holda

Professional diyetolog yordamida kaloriyalar va OYU'ni (oqsillar, yog'lar, uglevodlar) individual hisoblash


Mijozlar biz haqimizda nima deydi


Thank you very much for your efforts. I really like everything. First of all, excellent service and always on-time delivery. Secondly, delicious food and, most importantly, that it is always fresh. I, as a person with digestive problems, can confidently say that I will recommend your company and my friends


I really like the politeness, conscientiousness, decency in your work. The smallest details are provided. Your concern for our health is felt. The dishes are really delicious, varied and satisfying. Each time I open the Package with a joyful anticipation of something unusual. And I have never been disappointed. Thank you very much for a decent job. I am very glad that I found you

For GF

Hello. I would like to thank the entire team of chefs for the delicious and satisfying food. Your breakfasts are especially delicious. The result is 10kg, in 4 months. Separately, I would like to note the politeness of the food delivery service.

Gulya G
for GF

Good afternoon, I want to say a huge thank you right away. A variety of dishes, Honestly, they began to cook very tasty. I want you not to stop, but go only forward, and always be the leaders.

Elena K
for GF

Good day. The food is good. I was surprised by the sandwich for breakfast, but I ate it in a minute))) the portions are good, I would not have mastered it anymore. For two days, the PP feels light.

Malika K
for GF

Good day. Result - 1.5 kg for a week and a half 👏🏻 delivery is super, like clockwork

Zlata S
for GF

Good day! The food is excellent, I especially like that there are a lot of salads and always a salad and a drink for lunch. Delight with desserts

Dilara K
for GF

Good day, Thank you, everything is great, the food is varied, even sometimes it happens a lot I especially liked the desserts and cereals. Delivery is always on time. The weight is progressing! While minus 1.5kg) I am very happy, I like it 👍 Thank you😊

Bizning ustunliklarimiz

Nega mijozlar bizni tanlashadi

We recycle plastic
We are for the environment
Individual approach
We cook with excellent quality products
We are never late
Delicious and healthy daily meals with free door-to-door delivery
Consulting of nutritionist
Can't decide? Our nutritionist will help you calculate the diet and choose the right diet

Tez-tez beriladigan savollar

How can I order food?

Leave a request on the site by going to the "Order" page. And our specialists will contact you via the Telegram messenger to place an order. Or you can call us and we will tell you everything ourselves

How can I pay for my order?

Payment is possible through Click, PayMe or upon receipt

How in advance do I need to order?

Orders are formed until 14.00 daily, you can arrange delivery at any time convenient for you

I want to reschedule or cancel delivery, what should I do?

Since orders are formed daily until 14.00, you need to contact the specialists the day before this time

How to cancel or reschedule a delivery?

There are contact numbers on our website where you can call and explain the situation, preferably before 14.00.

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